A dead important conversation.

D: Mummy? Can I visit your Mummy with you?

Me: Bubs, we can’t visit my Mummy I’m afraid because she’s not around anymore.

D: Where is she then?

Me: Well, she died, Bubs.

D: Died? What do you mean?

Me: Well, Bubba. Sometimes, if someone gets really poorly (like my Mummy did), or really old, then they die. Remember last week when Barry and Brian had to go to the vets because they’d been so ill? Well, they were so very poorly that they died. That’s why they didn’t come home. It’s super sad for us because it means that we won’t be able to see them anymore, but it’s ok for them, because it means that they get to go and live in the stars.

D: In the twinkle twinkle stars?

Me: Yep, in the twinkle twinkles. And it’s great up there because they get to see all of the other people who have died, but they also get to look down and keep an eye on us too.

D: Barry and Brian will keep an eye on us?

Me: Yep and my Mummy can too.

D: And will your Mummy feed them?

Me: Yes of course.

D: Will we live in the stars too, Mummy?

Me: I hope that we won’t for a very long time, but we will one day. There’s lots of fun for us to have down here first though and then, when we get very very old…

D: Great Grandma is old.

Me: Yes she is. Well, when we get even older than Great Grandma, we can go and live in the stars too. But not yet, lovely.

D: Ok, Mummy. Can I have an ice cream, please?

And that is how my two year old and I covered the subject of death. Next stop; where do babies come from…

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