Meet the Rhubarbs

A Northerner & a Southerner met, wed and reproduced (not necessarily in that order) and thus, the Rhubarbs were born.

For the trivia lovers amongst you, "Rhubarb" was the name of our first baby bump and, subsequently, very very nearly the name of our first baby. Alas, we settled on using it for our then house instead (the ramshackle Rhubarb Cottage), but it has always remained a favourite word.

We wrangle our three offspring (Daisy (6), Ralph (4) & Rufus (1)) in glorious West Yorkshire and I do the occasional bit of blogging on the side, to keep any remaining brain cells ticking over.


Having always been an avid fan of the written word (as is so often the case with the socially inept), I turned to blogging when we began trying for our 3rd baby and discovered that the sailing isn't always smooth. It became my outlet. My catharsis.

As the years have ticked on and our rainbow baby has joined our family, I've continued to blog and, very occasionally, vlog too. My musings have progressed from the tribulations of a heartbroken Mama, to the tribulations of a Mama of three (plus the seemingly giant toddler that I'm married to). Most recently, we have begun trying for number four and, once more, found our journey to be a painful one. We've lost five babies in all and I'm currently fumbling gratefully through the final trimester of our last ever pregnancy, documenting the fear and anxieties (and excitement) that that entails. It's an honest account of Motherhood, Wifehood, Still-Trying-To-Be-Mehood; infused with a dash of sarcasm and a sprinkle of humour.

Predominantly, this blog is an account of our general family capers, but we also review places and products that have proven themselves of use to our young family. You can find these in the aptly named "Rhubarb Reviews" section of this site.

Most of all, I hope that my ramblings can raise a smile, provide some comfort, or simply offer some light entertainment during a toilet break. Enjoy x

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Mum. Saint (unofficially).

Produces small humans of varying temperament. Amateur blog writer. Expert at removing stains with baby wipes. Long suffering wife of the Spouse. Passionate about pizza. Recent baldy.

The Spouse


Has a real job.

Real name, Nick. Fairly useless human in most respects. Pays the bills. The butt of many jokes. Terrible dresser. Plays a lot of cricket. Due to run the London Marathon 2019. In flip flops. Not even kidding.



Big sister. Boss.

Small genius. Successful socialite and keen snacker. Big lover of overzealous affection and lip gloss. Enjoys drawing, collecting things, watching youtube and dictatorship.



Fournado. Dreamboat.

Avid fan of Netflix and big advocate of cuddles. Curly hair (potentially inherited from the postman). Sensitive soul. MarioKart expert. Lefty (hands and politics - probably).



Bright eyes. Big thighs.

Rainbow baby. Immensely adorable. Extraordinarily well mannered. Likes eating and kingsize beds. Dislikes parsnips and brexit.