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I’ve written a post like this before. A year ago, in fact, for Great Little Trading Co.‘s last #buywoodbuyonce campaign. But here I am again to extoll upon you the wonderment that it is to opt for wood when it comes to children’s toys.



The simple fact is, if you share your home with children, you will also have to share it with their toys. Whether they’re vintage heirlooms, salvaged from Great Grandma’s attic, or indistinguishable plastic things that came free with a certain chirpy dinner in a box; they will multiply and appear in every single room, nook and cranny; no matter how many times you try to keep them contained to one place. Despite my best efforts, plastic toys are somewhat unavoidable and I’ve discovered that there’s no use in fighting the inevitability of having a growing collection of them. I have, however, attempted to negate this by investing in some statement wooden toys along the way.



The thing is, they just look really nice. I don’t mine having them littering every surface because they become an attractive part of the decor. They’re solid. Dependable. And I can imagine packing them away, neatly in a box once my children outgrow them, ready to dust them off again, years later, ready for their own children to gain just as much joy from them. They have the promise of longevity. They’re toys that I would have loved 25 years ago and that I know will be loved again, 25 years from now.



I guess it sounds excessively sentimental, to have these feelings about toys, but I’m a sentimental kind of gal (plus the thought of future grand-babies is the only thing easing the broodiness right now).


Wooden toys are an investment. They last longer (fairly essential in this house), they’re a more environmentally friendly choice and they take imaginative play right back to basics. No batteries, no flashing lights, no gimmicky voiceovers. Just the tools to allow little minds to run wild.



Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been testing out some of GLTC’s newest additions. The Piccolo Play Cafe and the Ambulance Doctor’s Set. As with all their toys, the attention to detail is quite astounding. All the little accessories, the moving parts, the compact sizes, yet usable space for play; it all equates to some incredibly good child distractors. Seriously, I never get more hot beverages than when we’re on Testing Team duties.



The Piccolo Cafe is a cute little pizzeria that comes complete with everything required to cook up an Italian storm. My kids love toys like this. When they’re serving up bowls of pasta or oat milk lattes (they’re a civilised bunch occasionally), it’s one of the few times they’re not violently assaulting one another. Rufus (who has the most sophisticated palate out of all of us), particularly enjoys concocting some undeniably intriguing pizzas for me to sample. He’s become very adept at sliding them in and out of the oven, whist simultaneously grating cheese onto his pasta whilst it cooks on the hob. Definitely a must-have for any budding little chefs.


And for the wannabe medics, the Ambulance Doctor’s Set is my personal favourite. It has a fantastic range of accessories, all contained within a carry case that is actually a push-along ambulance.



Playing “doctors” with the offspring is probably the most appealing of our games because I usually get to lie down on the sofa whilst they attempt to diagnose my mystery illness (hint, it’s extreme tiredness due to not having slept since 2012). This set has so many fun utensils. The prescription pad particularly has proven very entertaining when reading Daisy’s “doctor’s orders”. The boys have mostly been enjoying the paramedic aspect, racing the ambulance around the house, attending to our many emergencies (usually involving a mainly unwilling Dotty needing a shot and some medicine).


I love the way our wooden toy collection looks, displayed in our playroom and I love the way all four of them can become so engrossed in an imaginary game, even when they’re all imagining something entirely different.



GLTC’s #buywoodbuyonce week runs from 22nd – 28th October. Head on over to to find out more.



{This post is written as a part of my role on Great Little Trading Co.'s "Testing Team". Some of the products included were sent to us free of charge for the purpose of reviewing and others were purchased by ourselves. I am in no way obliged to say anything specific and everything written here is an honest account of our experience with these toys.}



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