Cherry Tree and my Three

We’ve been working very hard recently, putting GLTC‘s Cherry Tree Kitchen to the test (I know, I know. Tough job eh?) and I’m delighted to let you know, it’s “wicked cool, man”, to quote Ralph.


I built it all by myself, even though the instructions suggested two would be needed for assembly. I, of course, knew that the Spouse would be more hindrance than help, so I dug out my trusty screwdriver and knocked it up in an afternoon. It was easier than I’d imagined (there were a lot of different parts) and the finished product was very impressive. It’s sturdy and well made. All the pieces lined up properly and I didn’t even need to shout at it in frustration to get it to cooperate.


There was ample excitement when the kids discovered it in our living room the following morning. And the best bit? It’s big enough to accommodate all three.


Once they’d treated me to a delicious breakfast of coke and pie (apparently I need to rethink my diet), I managed to coerce them away to get dressed. I then moved it (carefully) into its permanent home in the playroom. It even has a convenient little handhold on the side, to aid this process. Once in situ, the kitchen looked fab. The colours are neutral enough to fit in anywhere (even when sharing a space with the yellow sofa of doom), but the red accents really make it stand out.


What I really love about it (ahem, what the kids really love about it) are all the little components. So much attention to detail has gone into the design.


From the blackboard…


To the colour changing hob…


The dishwasher function bar…


The soap drawer…


Even the microwave…


And the little pegs for utensils (there are also some on the side of the unit, for aprons or tea towels)…


But I think my absolute favourite feature, are the drawers underneath! You can never have too much storage in my opinion and when it’s seamlessly integrated into a toy kitchen, well, it’s every clutter-challenged parent’s dream. Probably.


We’ve used the big one to hide away various bits of train tracks & jigsaw pieces and the open compartment has proven perfect to pop Rufus’ favourite bits so that he can easily get to them himself. The Great Little Trading Company Canvas Storage Half-Cubes also slots nicely in there.


It’s been a huge hit with both myself and the offspring. We’ve already received a lot of compliments too, on how we’ve matched our kitchen to our wallpaper (entirely unplanned, but entirely fabulous).


I think this might be our favourite Testing Team challenge yet!

4 thoughts on “Cherry Tree and my Three”

  1. Thanks for a great review Charli! You’re little crew have down a marvellous job of testing out this super kitchen for us. It’s great to see all three of them playing together and fab to hear you put it together so easily! There’s so many cool features you’ve done a great job of covering them in your review- very thorough 🙂
    Lisa at GLTC

  2. I have just finished building the cherry tree kitchen and just as the other reviewer said very easy to assemble clear instructions all parts slotted in nicely. My children haven’t yet had the luxury of using it yet only a few more days😁wish I was a child again I absolutely love it. It’s tasteful classy and sturdy v pleased as I am sure my children will be Xmas day❤️❤️❤️

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