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Weaning is one of those parenting rollercoasters that can often become a minefield. There are so many different ways to do it. So may opinions on which is the right way. So much advice. So many choices. But guess what, like pretty much everything else when it comes to children, there is no one size fits all approach. It’s about figuring out what works best for you and your baby. For us, that has meant introducing solids earlier than the recommended six months (fat babes, you see). It’s meant purees and spoon feeding in the early days before taking on a more baby led approach from six months. It’s meant using various weaning methods and tailoring them into something that fits in with our individual requirements.


Of course, the approach we’ve taken has gotten significantly more lax with each child. Only organic ingredients for number one; the best supermarket offers for number two; and we basically just throw our scraps to number three. So when the lovely folks from Annabel Karmel’s team asked if we’d like to review her latest offering, “Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book” (you can preorder it here), we were more than happy to oblige.


There was, of course, the danger that it would end up on the shelf gathering dust with all the other baby related literature that I’ve acquired over the years; but it’s actually proven itself very useful.


Here it is, providing some entertainment in the form of cookie baking, for two bored offspring.


The beginning chapter offers a simplistic, yet informative insight into the important things you need to know when beginning weaning. Its short and concise so you can read it quickly (always useful when you have a child hanging off you), but gives you a decent amount of knowledge and preparation, so you can get started with a good idea of what you’re doing! The rest of the book is chok-full of yummy looking recipes designed for family meals, yet completely suitable for weaners. Last week, we taste tasted a few of them (there are 120 so we’ve barely scratched the surface yet) and we were impressed.


The Krispie Chicken Nuggets were a hit.


Each meal is relatively easy to make, but do be prepared to stock up on ingredients. Flavourful enough for even the adults to enjoy, but free from any nasties so perfectly safe for babies. The chicken nuggets were an obvious winner with the kids (and the Spouse) and they’re also handy for easing the mum guilt that can creep in when you offer up beige food from the freezer five nights in a row. We tried out the Peanut Butter Cookies too, which the big ones baked themselves (under my watchful* eye). They were soft and effectively melted in the mouth, so ideal for your little gummy bears. And also dangerously moreish.

*mostly it was watching Instagram.



The Cheat’s Spring Rolls were a bit of a revelation as well. The sort of thing the kids would usually balk at, but because rufus was eating them too, they were more than happy to get involved. As was I. Yum.


So good.


Overall, it’s definitely a worthy bookshelf addition, particularly if your aim is to involve your weaner in family mealtimes (I appreciate that that sounds wholly inappropriate).


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