GLTC: #buywoodbuyonce

I love wooden toys. There’s just something about them that cries out “quality” and, let’s face it, they look a heck of a lot prettier than plastic. Don’t get me wrong, I have three children; our house is full to the brim with the usual array of noisy, tacky, plastic stuff and the kids LOVE it. But we do also have an enviable collection of wooden toys and we both love them.

They’re the kind of toys that don’t need to be tidied away because they’re better left out on display. They’re played with more because of this. They don’t continuously run out of batteries because they don’t need batteries. They have knobs and levers and doors and latches and a whole lot of potential to light up and inspire young imaginations (or old, if like me, you enjoy playing with them too). They’re the sort of toys that you can envisage keeping forever; bringing them down from the loft one day and watching your grandchildren’s eyes light up, the way your children’s do now. They’re the sort of toys that are built to last.

We have a fabulous selection of gorgeous Great Little Trading Co. toys. An ice cream stand, a play kitchen, the Turbo Toy Garage, a pirate ship, the Daisy Tea Set (to name a few!) and our latest, the Star Beans Coffee Shop. This, we were sent as part of our role on GLTC’s Testing Team and I knew they would love it (despite what a certain someone’s face might suggest).

Rufus, in particular, has laid claim to it (“mine”), but we’ve spent many an afternoon drinking imaginary coffee and eating invisible cake. They each gain something different from it. Daisy loves to charge different prices for her wares and calculate how much change each person is owed. Ralph prefers to play the role of patron, ordering cake after cake. Rufus is the barista. He loves twisting the knobs, pulling the lever, pouring the milk and handing the coffee over with a flourish.

It’s a refreshing alternative to the traditional shop or till toy, especially for a family who may or may not wander into a well known coffee chain far too regularly on the school run. It’s a table top toy, compact enough to add to a shelf or cupboard top, but with its numerous accessories, it easily accommodates a trio of tactile children. Plus, it just looks really good. Solid. Well made. Colourful. Nothing garish. It takes pride of place amongst our collection and probably our most played with toy (for now).



This week, to celebrate their #buywoodbuyonce campaign, GLTC are offering 20% off all of their wooden toys. Find out more here.




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