Great Little Bedroom for Daisy

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we undertook a big bedroom makeover and moved Daisy and her little brother in together. It was in a bid to encourage a two and a half year old Ralph, to spend the entire night in his own bed. Almost two years later and here we go again, this time, the encouragement is directed at Rufus. He didn’t seem particularly enamoured with sleeping on his own each night, so we made the decision to start playing musical bedrooms to allow him to share with one, or both, of his siblings. We considered the various combinations and, ultimately, decided that we’d put the boys in together so that we could create a more grown up space for Daisy. She’s reached an age where she wants to start having sleepovers. She needs an area for homework. And often, she just wants somewhere that she can escape her brothers and get a bit of peace and quite (don’t we all).


When the lovely folk at GLTC heard our plans, they asked if there was anything of theirs we could use to help create this little oasis for Daisy. We’re a part of their Testing Team and we’ve been fortunate enough to try out some gorgeous pieces over the years, all helping to make our house a happy home. This was no exception. We collaborated with them to make Daisy & Ralph’s shared bedroom, so it was great to work with them once more, to alter the space into something suitable for girl to grow up in.

Here it is before. I did actually love it as a shared room, but I think I might love it even more now…



The biggest change is probably only having one bed in there. It makes it seem a lot bigger. We moved the pull out day bed from our spare room into here, so she has the option to pull it out whenever she has friends to stay. In addition, we have the Great Little Trading Company Chair Bed, which she uses to sit and read on for the most part, but which folds out into a bed as an extra sleepover space if required (and occasionally for me, for those long nights on Rufus’ floor). We actually used it last weekend when Daisy went for a sleepover in the boy’s bedroom.

I foresee this being so useful to us as the kids get older and want to spend more time sleeping on each other’s floors, or even in a tent outside!



We have a house full of fabulous GLTC goodies, both from our role on the testing team and things thats we’ve purchased ourselves because we genuinely do love their stuff. This storage tub was brought up from the playroom so that Daisy has a few toys in her room, in case she needed her own space and wanted to play up there. The curtains we already had in situ from the previous incarnation of this room (those grey stars go with anything), but the rug is a new addition. I love how it ties in with the Dalmatian spot wallpaper (another testing team acquirement) and adds a bit of D’s favourite colour (pink, obviously), without us having to go completely overkill with the candy floss shades.


On the other side of the room we have the Whittington Desk, the Townhouse Wall Shelves, the Miss Cat Book Cart, oh and both the caddy and desk tidy too (actually might have to open a GLTC show room). I love love love this workspace! It’s functional and oh so pretty. There’s a deceptively spacious drawer in the desk and we’ve managed to fit so many of D’s crafty bits and pieces in there, without making it look messy and cluttered, especially with the caddy and tidy to store all her many pens and colouring books in. We went for the “tall” version of the desk, purely because Daisy has been blessed with ultra long legs and I wanted this space to go the distance. The built in cork board is so handy (hello gazillions of party invites) and I adore how it can be used to help style the space up to, along with the wall shelves. It brings so much colour into the room, but serves its purpose so well too.


One of my favourite parts of this bedroom, is how there are two entirely separate areas (sleeping and working), that tie together so seamlessly.

I think it might be the rug that does it.



Her Miss Cat print still sits in pride of place, where it once hung above her old bed. This room is everything I hoped it would be. A space she can spend time by herself, or share with her friends. Somewhere she can read, or do homework, or even just sit with the iPad watching those strange unboxing videos that seem to have half the world’s population, hooked. It’s functional and practical, but it looks great too (even if I do say so myself). GLTC are masters of creating products that are decent and sturdy, but that also look the nuts as well. Once again, they’ve helped me to create I space that love to spend time in (I don’t even care if the kids do)!


I can’t be sure, but I reckon she likes it.



In the name of transparency  I just wanted to let you know that being a part of Great Little Trading Company’s “Testing Team” does mean that we receive some lovely free gubbins from them, to blog about. I am, however, under no obligation to be nice about them or gush about what a fab company they are, but I do it anyway, because, honestly, it’s true.

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