Great Little Day

A couple of weeks ago, we received an invite from Great Little Trading Company to attend the launch party for their brand spanking new, flagship showroom in Wandsworth. Initially, I thought I may have to decline. The Spouse had cricket, you see (typical!) and I wasn’t sure if driving to London and back, just myself & the kids, would be my most genius idea. But the temptation became too much to resist and so I threw caution to the wind, loaded the littles into the car and set off for the South. And I’m so glad I did.

Working with GLTC has already proven itself to be one of the most fun and exciting things in the otherwise fairly tedious existence of a Stay at Home Mum. They’ve given me the opportunity to pursue my photography hobby, furnish my home with gorgeous things, work on growing my blog and to meet new people online.

On Saturday, this little internet world that I’ve been living in, became a reality. And it was glorious. Stepping into the real-life world of GLTC was like stepping into my dream house. From the beautifully tiled lobby (complete with fireplace), to the colourful wooden toys in every corner, to each individually designed space; their showroom epitomises everything that they stand for. It felt like home.

Even Ralph, who hates the unfamiliar and has a habit of loosing all sense of reason when introduced to new places, spent the day in a state of rapture. I’ve rarely seen him so full of joy (except for when he’s terrorising his sister)! Testament, I feel, to the fabulous home-from-home space that GLTC have created.

Before joining their Testing Team, we were already big fans of Great Little Trading Company. I tell you this because I don’t want you to think I’m advertising. I’m not. That’s not what my blog is about. I genuinely love their stuff. And now that I’ve gotten to know the people behind the company, I love it even more. It’s heartening to see the passion and pride that they plow into all that they do. I felt so thrilled for them, to witness their showroom dream come to fruition. We’ve become a part of the GLTC family and it’s difficult not to feel proud of what they’ve achieved.

I’m a little hormonal, so perhaps that’s why, but I felt so happily emotional on the drive home (although that could also have been caused by the sleeping children and managing the entire 4-hour journey without anyone requesting a toilet stop!). I met the faces behind the company, as well as fellow testing team members and they were all lovely. It was a truly great experience and one I’m so pleased we were there for.

I took about 300 photos (!) so I’ve put a short video together instead to give you a little insight into our day.

Thank you Great Little Trading Company – it’s perfect.


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