Great Little Job

Very exciting times here at the House of Rhubarb… one of our most favourite companies have given us an amazing opportunity. We are now proud new members of Great Little Trading Company’s testing team! Eek! My excitement levels are on a par with going to the supermarket when they’re giving out free cake samples (very very high)!

So first up to face the panel were these Townhouse Wall Shelves. They were destined for the threenager’s bedroom and so really were put under the microscope – after all, who’s more likely to offer their honest opinion, than a mouthy three year old?!

First up, let me be clear, if you’re wanting to house a library, then these are not the shelves for you (you will however, find plenty of suitable options on the GLTC website). These shelves are all about accessorising. Although, they have provided the perfect setting in which to display some battered (and very much loved) Beatrix Potters that I found hidden away in a box…

The threenager’s exact description was “wicked cool” and I’m inclined to agree. They’re the perfect finishing touch for a playroom or bedroom and create an eye catching feature that can be styled in limitless ways. Believe me, I’ve been in faffing heaven since they arrived! They’re also easy to hang, but hey, if you don’t get around to it – we also discovered that they make pretty awesome doll houses.

In the age of the “shelfie” (yes, that really is a thing!), you can’t go far wrong with these. An interesting alternative to hanging up posters or prints, these shelves can be styled and fashioned with the seasons to keep things fresh and interesting, for even the most hard to please critics. I love them and they definitely got the thumbs up from Daisy too (although she did say that she hates the bunting)…

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