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Another room, another GLTC collaboration. This time, we teamed up to create the perfect nursery for Rufus. Let’s be honest, it’s wasted on him, but Iove it!

Whilst Great Little Trading Co. don’t have a specific nursery range, we were challenged by them to see how we could get some of their pieces to work in a baby’s room. This wasn’t too much of a stretch for our Testing Team chops. As with all of the products we’ve trialled so far, these pieces were also stylish and adaptable and thus wouldn’t have looked out of place anywhere in our house. They helped me create the perfect bedroom for the smallest one of the crew.


I wanted a rainbow room for our rainbow baby, but didn’t want to go too wild on colour. Simple and fairly neutral was key, as I always like to keep my options open in case we play musical bedrooms as the kids grow. Once again, I wanted to let the accents do the talking. Being the third sproglet, hand-me-downs are inevitable and as such, Rufus inherited a cot, wardrobe and changing table that had all already been well used by both big sister and big brother. The changing table fell to pieces soon after we put it in there, but the cot stands firm (despite a few teeth marks). Ideally, I would have liked all white furniture, but Bank of Spouse didn’t share my vision, especially because that would have meant buying new; however, when we began to add our GLTC touches, I began to really enjoy how the wood worked in the space too. Especially with the Clifton Organiser and matching wall shelves. The white and the wood colour on these really tie the room together and ensure that our older bits don’t look out of place beside our new bits.


These pieces work together so nicely. The shelves for styling up to become a real feature and the organiser for providing space and easy access to nappies, pyjamas, vests and favourite comforters. You can read more about the shelves here.


We also got the Rope Storage tub and basket too and they are the perfect place for harbouring extra bedding, blankets and giant giraffes


I’m a sucker for storage (you can never have too much) so I pilfered the Little Star Storage Bench, which we’d been using in our hallway to store hats and gloves (it has a purpose in every room) to use in the nursery. It has Ruf’s favourite toys in there so he has some entertainment, that he can access himself, for those busy mornings whilst I’m trying to get everyone ready and even treat myself to the occasional wash. He likes to sit on it too, whilst I put his socks on.


And of course we have our beautiful cloud rug because what is a rainbow room without some clouds?


Lastly, to complete the room, we got the Pigeonhole Wall Shelf. I wasn’t convinced that this would blend into the space, but I’d been lusting after it for ages, so was determined to try it anyway. As it turns out, I think they’re the perfect addition. For practical purposes, the hooks obviously come in handy for various things and the holes provide space for books, small toys, more nappies (you can never have too many), or just some little trinkets. I’ve finished it off with some cute prints on the top and I adore how it looks.


So there you have it. A beautiful baby’s room… that is utterly neglected and never slept in…

At least it looks amazing!



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