Great Little Summer Days

Now, I really don’t want to jinx things, but it seems as though summer might be back! (Forget that, it’s just started to rain. Meh.) So what better time to share my thoughts on some of my ultimate, sunny day must haves. The Great Little Trading CompanyWigwam and Picnic Blanket.

These little beauties joined our collection of all things GLTC a few months ago and have already travelled the length and breadth of West Yorkshire, touring cricket clubs and providing some much needed shade, shelter and seating for 3 weary souls, who have been forced to spend many a weekend pitch-side, come rain or shine. Both fold compactly and are perfectly portable. Ideal for day trips, picnics or simply taking out into the garden. The Wigwam makes a perfect indoor den on rainy days too and saves me the job of engineering some sort of sofa fort (although we do still make those, sometimes)!

It is made from canvas, so is shower proof and wipe-clean. It’s a very decent size and even my very ample behind can squeeze in there, with both the offspring. Sometimes though, it gets hogged by a certain furbaby who has also decided she’s a big fan of GLTC and isn’t overly keen on sharing…

The waterproof backing of the Picnic Blanket ensures that there are no soggy bottoms (unless I’ve done the baking) and you can chuck it in the washing machine when required. Which, with us, is fairly often! It comes in an array of bright and bold patterns, as does the Wigwam, although we opted for the more muted blue & white stripe so as not to distract the bowler! We did go all starry eyed for the Rainbow Star Picnic Blanket though.

The Wigwam is easy to assemble and, once put together, a breeze to pop up and down. It’s proven an invaluable addition to our car boot this summer, to pull out whenever we’ve needed a shady spot.

The Picnic Blanket folds away neatly and comes complete with carry handles, so even when you’re traipsing from car to picnic spot, laden with cool bags, scooters, potties and the numerous other bits of paraphernalia that inevitably accompany a trip out with kids, it’s easy enough to hang off your arm too. And it’s huge! Space enough for the whole family to perch comfortably.

We were very kindly gifted these products by GLTC as part of our Testing Team role. And test them we did! I can honestly say, if we’d bought them, they’d be worth every penny. (Regular readers will know how I like to be honest!) If you’re a family who enjoys days outdoors, or even just wanting somewhere cosy to read bedtime stories, I think you’ll find them totally worth it too.

Here’s hoping we have plenty more days to make use of them!

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