Keen Bean: GLTC Bean Bag Review

Another week, another Testing Team job for the clan. This week, bean bags. Great Little Trading Co. kindly sent us a bean bag and a bean chair so that we might compare the two. Conveniently, they arrived on Rufus’ birthday so that saved me the embarrassment of admitting to everyone that I’d forgotten to get him anything. He swiftly claimed the bean chair as his own and you only need look at the below picture to see how much he loves it…


Living his best life


Bean bags are, of course, generally just bags filled with beans. You sit on them and they mould perfectly to whatever shape or size behind you’re packing, to provide a nice spot to perch upon. These ones, however, come with the added bonus of being swathed in GLTC fabric, which a) means they match up nicely with my decor and b) means there are some gorgeous patterns and colours to choose from.


I’m not entirely sure what mystical fabric the covers are made from, but when Ralph enthusiastically doused one in fruit juice, it wiped straight off; which is joyous. There are furnishings in this house that you only need glance at in the wrong way to leave a stain. They’re washable too, so other fluids (bodily or otherwise) will no doubt be easily removed. There really is no greater bonus when you’re talking child-friendly soft furnishings. They zip off with ease, although do be careful about leaving the inner bag in reach of curious little hands. The last thing you want is a trip to A&E to remove an errant bean from a nostril.


These both have convenient little handles on them too, ideal for dragging them from room to room; made easier by the fact that they’re pretty light too.


Rufus definitely prefers the structure of the chair. He likes to put himself into reverse and back up into anything that looks vaguely like a seat, so this is perfection for him. The big two prefer the bag. It’s easier to leap on when they’re playing “the floor is lava” and they’re not restricted in how they choose to contort their bodies to sit (or lay) to watch tv (ahem, I mean read books).


Its absolutely freezing in Yorkshire at the moment, but I’m looking forward to taking these outside in the summer, to cosy up our GLTC teepee, or just sunbathe on the deck. I reckon they’d be well suited to some outdoor fun.

I find myself sitting on them a fair bit too. Not entirely sure why, when we have perfectly good sofas, but there’s just something so comforting about a bottom on beans (that sounded less bizarre in my head). It’s not just me either, the cats dig them too!


There’s little else to say, except, if you want one, they’re currently on sale – go go go!

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