Meraki Creative Hub: a Review

We were recently contacted by the lovely folk at Meraki Creative Hub, inviting Daisy & Ralph to attend one of their school holiday workshops so that we might review it. Meraki are a creative arts company for children, based in the West Leeds area. I’m a big believer in supporting local and supporting small, so we were more than happy to give it a try.



We looked at the various days on offer for a spook filled Halloween week and Daisy & Ralph opted to try out “Dahl’s Villains”, so that’s where they’ve spent today.


I asked them to make sure they came home with lots to tell me (not the usual “how was school?” “fine” that I usually get each night) for the purpose of this review and, amazingly, they didn’t disappoint.


First of all, the second I picked my two giddy little humans up, they asked if they were going again tomorrow. “Sadly not”, I replied. “Aaawwwww” came the response. I’m going to assume, based on that alone, that they enjoyed it!



When I dropped them off, we were welcomed by Olivia, Tia & Chase and the kids instantly seemed at ease and eager for me to leave. Rufus was not overly keen on going home, there were far too many exciting things going on. Various games dotted about the room and Hocus Pocus playing on a projector screen. We left Daisy getting herself cosy with blankets in front of the film and Ralph happily joining a game of giant jenga. We traipsed home wondering what they were up to and were delighted to find that we could catch up on bits of their day through Instagram Stories. Daisy appeared to be involved in some sort of drinking game, which she later informed me was part of the search for Mrs Twit’s glass eye! There was crafting, themed games, a chocolate eating challenge (I know, sounds bliss!), lots of making friends and a witch’s hat activity involving sweets; the spoils of which lasted less than 30 seconds once this picture was taken.



When I asked them if they’d recommend Meraki to their friends, it was a solid yes! Daisy said they’d had the “best day” and I felt safe in the knowledge that they were being well looked after. There’s clearly no imagination spared when it comes to what Meraki has to offer.

Thank you, guys, for letting Daisy & Ralph join you for the day. They had a blast!

If you’d like more information, you can find Meraki at, or on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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