Nursery for “Little 9”

Admittedly, it’s been quite some time since I last blogged. So long, in fact, that this website has changed entirely and I’m actually not sure how to function it now so it’s anyone’s guess if this will actually publish as I’m hoping it will… But hey, let’s give it a go and hope for the best.

In case the title hadn’t yet given the game away, I wanted to share Little 9’s nursery with you. Of course, chances are that you’ll know by now, “Little 9” has indeed arrived (almost 3 whole months ago). She’s a happy & healthy baby girl, who looks a bit like a turtle and whose name is Dotty. However, when I embarked upon this nursery transformation, we had no idea what might have been lurking within the womb and I really wanted to create a space that wasn’t overtly gender specific, but that wasn’t excessively neutral either. I went over to the dark side with a splash of Dulux “Denim Drift” on the walls (2017’s colour of the year, don’t you know) and then GLTC and I worked together once more, to furnish it to perfection.

As part of my role on Great Little Trading Co.’s “Testing Team”, I get the enviable task of testing out their wares and then sharing my thoughts with you fine people, on this blog. They ask nothing of me, other than honesty. With that in mind, I honestly LOVE how this room has come together. It’s our smallest bedroom and it’s a bit of an awkward shape so I wanted clever storage solutions, that would negate the need for anything too bulky in there. We already had the Clifton Wall Shelves and Organiser (they were used in Rufus’ nursery) and they work flawlessly to store the all the teeny tiny baby clothes, whilst the shelves pop against the dark walls and give me somewhere to display some seriously cute little trinkets, that give this room the finishing touch.

Also, note the Zigzag Canvas Cube that serves as an ideal place to keep all of Dotty’s toys.

And over on the other side of the nursery, two new pieces (at least they were when I decorated the room, but like I say, it’s been a while); the Greenaway Skinny Bookcase (the white and natural colourway matches the Clifton wonderfully) and the Gulliver Toy Organiser.

I adore the Greenaway (I have it in the boy’s room too). It’s such a statement piece. It’s so good to look at and also frees up floor space. I often find Rufus sitting on this old feeding chair (a relic now really, having worked its way through the nursing of four babies), “reading” books that he’s plucked from the shelves. It’s far too tempting for him, having them all on display like that. The Gulliver slots seamlessly into place beside it, allowing me a few more surfaces for books and ornaments, plus space for two more canvas cubes, which I’m using to keep all sorts of baby paraphernalia (mostly nappies and breast pads).

Oh, I almost forgot the Rope Storage Tub to the right there. Basically a Mary Poppin’s bag for spare bedding, blankets and, occasionally, cats.

Despite being the box room, it feels really spacious in here. You seriously can’t go wrong with nifty storage solutions, especially when they’re as well made and easy on the eye as GLTC make them. Despite my numerous requests, they don’t make cots (yet), so this one is the Lawson from Mamas and Papas. The rug was a steal from the La Redoute sale last summer.

I say this everytime, but this really might be my favourite room. I found that little hanging bird thing (technical term) at our local Mamas and Papas Outlet and used it as my colour inspiration for the rest of the room. I picked up various other bits from the outlet and from Etsy. I also ventured into the realm of instagram businesses for the first time and found some gorgeous handmade pieces like the cloud (and garland on the shelves) from Tilly and Primrose and wire writing from Grey Fox Designs.

Another triumph, if I do say so myself, and definitely a room that will accommodate and work for Dotty as she grows. Thanks, GLTC, we did it again!

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