Our Week in (no) Briefs

I promised you a blog every Friday and I won’t let you down! (But I’ve literally just remembered so I apologise in advance for what you are about to read…)

I’m writing to you, from my bed, on my phone, babe on boob and other humans watching Horrid Henry (potentially the worst kid’s tv show of all time??). I’m afraid I have no fascinating topics to cover. No scandals or scenarios of note. Instead, I shall tell you about our week. As it happens, it’s been quite a good one.

First off, if you follow us on Instagram @candidlyrhubarb, you might have noticed a post at the weekend, in which I appeared to show an all consuming love of children’s yogurts. The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen that this was, in fact, a sponsored post and not just a new found passion for preservative-free dairy. Having the opportunity to do sponsored posts is quite thrilling for a stay-at-home-mum who gave up her financial independence, along with her social life and a 26 inch waistline. A bit of pocket money to keep the tumbleweeds in my bank account company, is really quite delightful. It means I can stock up on breast pads and Tena Lady without the Spouse and his calculator rolling their eyes at me. Sure, I won’t be swanning off on a cruise around the Tropics on the proceeds, but hey, as Tesco say, “every little helps”. (I promise they did not pay me to say that).

Speaking of Tesco, this week also saw me contacting them with an important request:

They’ve assured me that they’ll “pass it on to the relevant department”. I have high hopes, but I think realistically, we’re going to have to continue eating McDonalds and wiping our behinds with kitchen roll for the foreseeable.

Rufus turned 12 weeks on Tuesday, which for the majority of 2nd and 3rd time parents is the point when we begin to find them a tad interesting. He offers a bit more now. Smiles and weird noises. A significant amount of flatulance (seriously, some of them are so powerful, I’ve had to reassure aghast looking Mums in the playground that it definitely wasn’t me). And, for this particular bubs, 12 weeks also saw the removal of his Pavlik Harness; after a scan on Wednesday showed two healthy looking hips. He’ll need to be monitored with a few more scans, but right now, he’s allowed to twerk to his heart’s content. Just what every baby wants at 3 months old.

Wednesday also delivered another exciting new chapter for me. The Spouse joined the committee of Ralph’s preschool at the start of the school year. We wanted to have some sort of involvement and help out if we could, but one of us has to be head of childcare and he’s the one with the business brain (I just bring the glamour), so a committee member he became. Anyway, he returned home from one of their meetings on Wednesday night and announced to me that I’d been appointed Chairwoman. ‘Scuse me, what?! Yes, it seems that despite me not even being a committee member, I am now running the show. The Spouse offered them my services, which were gladly accepted. It’s a little daunting and a smidge overwhelming, but actually, I’m quite looking forward to the challenge (plus it’ll look great on my CV!). I have a lot to learn. I’m talking profit & loss, recruitment, insurance and a myriad of other things that make up the intricacies of running a business (I used long words here to disguise the fact that I have no clue what I’m talking about), but the Spouse has committed to teaching me and, with a bit of luck, I might not f**k it up completely.

The other big event this week was my biggest boy turning 3. Which was all kinds of fabulous. And all kinds of horrifying for a Mama who wants her babes to please just stop growing for a bit! We had a fun day yesterday which involved bike shopping, pancake eating, soft playing, spending £50 on the grabbers in the arcade (and winning NOTHING), bowling and burger eating. And we’re hosting our first ever proper kid’s party at JumpArena at the weekend. The organisation of this was initially a very exciting prospect, until I discovered it was mostly admin and party bags. Still, thanks to Petits Filous, I’m fully equipped with incontinence pads and looking forward to giving my bladder a good bounce on the trampolines.

And that’s pretty much it. Our week in brief. Or no briefs in Ralph’s case because I’ve been unable to wrestle him out of his pirate costume for 2 days now and he’s going commando under there.

C’est la vie.

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