Seeing Stars

As most of you know, we are expecting another little human to join our brood, some time in October. That’ll make five of us in our 4-bedroom home. Sadly, society dictates that the Spouse & I ought to share one of those bedrooms (although I still fiercely maintain that separate rooms – or at least beds – are the way forward…). Anyway, due to his insistence that he has an office, and my insistence that I have a craft room, and his insistence that we have somewhere for his Mother to sleep on her twice yearly visits; we are left with 2 bedrooms in which to accommodate our soon-to-be three offspring. And thus we made the (brave, or perhaps insane) decision to stick Daisy & Ralph in together.

We opted to move them both into what was initially the guest/office/craft/cat/junk room, which, once we’d shifted any and all remnants of the Spouse’s “work” out of there, allowed us to start with a beautifully blank canvas.

Here’s what it looked like before the Spouse ruined it with his man-mess.

We teamed up with the wonderful folk over at Great Little Trading Company in a bid to try and create a bedroom that wasn’t too gender or age specific, so our options could remain open should we wish to play musical bedrooms once again in the future. And, in truth, I think we absolutely nailed it.

The various coordinated star accessories & bedding allowed us to introduce lots of colour and matching accents into the room, without the need to pick up a single paintbrush. Quick, easy and minimal opportunity to mess up. Not to mention the very important fact that the curtains are blackout (so long, 4am wake up calls!) and the bedding is 100% cotton and softer than the softest baby’s backside. I swear. If you imagine what it’d be like o sleep on a cloud, they feel a lot like that, except warmer. And not as wet.

I’m not the only one who can’t resist a good sprawl across these sheets. 

So soft!

Blackout curtains are a pretty essential requirement in a kid’s room, if you value your sleep AT ALL. 

Matching lampshade, also pretty essential. And just pretty. 

Despite the room being a shared space, I still wanted both Daisy & Ralph to have their own personal bits within it, so we got them these super cute “Miss Cat” and “Mr Bear” Book Storage Carts, meaning they can each keep their favourite toys and books close at hand (and away from each other!).

Which also meant I had  to get the “Miss Cat” & “Mr Bear” wall art too because coordination. 

We already had the bookcase, but we replaced the old canvas storage cubes with star ones (obvs) to tie in with the rest of the room and then used the original ones for some extra storage in the wardrobe.

We also moved the Townhouse Wall Shelves across from D’s old room, because they look awesome and it would’ve been rude not to!

Unfortunately, budgetary constraints (read, “spousal stinginess”) meant that I had to settle for IKEA beds, rather than the GLTC Darwin Bed that I really wanted *sigh*, but despite the building of them very nearly causing the demise of our marriage (and also him), they were a good compromise and passed the bouncability test, with ease.

Nothing quite like the freedom of bouncing, naked, across beds. Try it. You’ll see. 

The lucky little blighters even have their very own en-suite now. Not like back in my day when we used to have to use a bucket in the garden! (Not really, but there were seven members of our household and only one toilet, so curry nights were never really an option…) Anyway, I digress! The offspring have their own toilet and I wanted to have a little fun with it, so I added the Doorway Puppet Theatre.

Because really, what could be more fun (or economical) than pooing and puppeteering?!

By the way, Mr Bear pen pot also makes an excellent peggy brush holder!

I was fairly worried about D & R sharing a room. R has never been particularly fond of sleeping through the night (or anything else, for that matter), so there were some major concerns about what we might be letting ourselves in for, but look…

This happened! A resounding success – hurrah!

So to summarise, I am IN LOVE with this bedroom! It’s exactly what I’d hoped for and even better than I imagined.

Please take a moment to appreciate my ingenious use of the offspring’s name badges, from the GLTC Showroom launch, expertly repurposed as door plaques *takes a bow*. 

Best. Room. Ever.

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