Star Bright’s a Bit of Alright

We’ve been using our Star Bright Dressing Up Rail from Great Little Trading Company for over a month now and I think it might be my favourite testing item so far! Storage really doesn’t come much fancier than this. A clothes rail for all those dressing up outfits that you’ve undoubtedly acquired if you have kids (or maybe even if you don’t – no judgement)! Ordinarily, like most things in this house, ours were stuffed into drawers; or the bottom of cupboards in a crumbled mess of cheap satin and organza. I was forever having to seek out the missing purple shoe, or Buzz Lightyear’s wings. So when GLTC asked us to test out their new-style dressing up rail, we happily obliged.

Like all of their products, the rail was easy to assemble, IF you read the instructions (the Spouse failed to do this and was promptly told to start again, once I pointed out his numerous errors). It’s also sturdy. Surprisingly so. I’ve dragged the thing from room to room in a bid to figure out where I like it best and there’s not a scuff on it, or even the slightest wobble. The same can no longer be said for my door frames.

The design is striking yet simple, which aids its unisex capabilities. It allows the clothes to make the statement, which means you can style it up anyway you like.

We tried it out in D’s room first. Her vast collection of Frozen inspired attire filled the rail nicely and it blended seamlessly into her room, even adding a bit of much needed colour. Typically, something like this would be more geared toward a girl, or so I thought, until I shifted it into R’s room. I was sceptical at first. Spider-Man and Buzz’s outerwear didn’t really strike me as something I’d be able to style appealingly, but actually it looked great! The simple star design isn’t at all gender orientated and just like in D’s girly room, the dressing up rail merged effortlessly with the boyish surroundings of R’s room too.

Unfortunately for the pair of them, the Spouse & I have decided that they will soon be sharing so that we can make way for our October arrival and, at his insistence, still have a guest room (for his Mother to sleep in twice a year… *sigh*).

Anyway, in light of this, we ultimately decided to move it downstairs into the playroom and it’s perfect! It allows the dresses and jumpsuits to hang alongside one another in perfect harmony (which is more than I can say for the wearers of said outfits). It looks good squeezed in amongst the squillions of other toys we’ve got and of course, our numerous other bits of GLTC fabulousness including storage tubsstacking boxes and the lovely clouds rug.

The offspring, particularly D, are very happy with it. They can access their dressing up bits with ease and I no longer have to go rummaging in overflowing drawers in search of a lost tiara. Plus, it looks really good! It has actually proven itself to be quite the funky little feature and is a vast improvement on our previous dressing up situation. The verdict from all at Rhubarb HQ: definite winner!

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