Testing Team: Turbo Garage

Santa truly excelled himself this year and somehow managed to get his mitts on the new Turbo Toy Garage from Great Little Trading Co, which he dutifully deposited under our tree on Christmas Eve. We’ve been having all sorts of fun testing it out ever since.

Like all GLTC toys, the Turbo Garage is wooden and therefore sturdy and significantly easier on the eye than the mountains of plastic stuff that continuously threaten to swallow my house. As garages go, I’d happily take my car to this one. It’s bright and colourful and full of all the little details that GLTC do so well. At the ripe old age of thirty, I’ll admit I got a little thrill out of all the working parts. Do you ever really grow out of toys that actually do stuff?!

The boys have definitely claimed this as their own, but I must admit that Daisy has shown a fair bit of interest too (she just happened to be at school when these pictures were taken). It’s certainly one for all the sexes and, realistically, all the ages too. Plus, its a decent size, meaning minimal fisticuffs when all three make a bee line for it at the same time.

I’m a self confessed flatpack lover (something therapeutic about it no?), but even I’ll concede that this one set me quite the challenge. Nothing overly complicated, but a fair amount of screwing involved so get yourself a brew and something good on tv before you crack on. Or, better yet, let your significant other do it.


The ramps are detachable, which allows for a more compact shape to store and also the opportunity for the kids to get a bit creative with them (not least, using them to batter each other with). There are petrol pumps, a car wash, a functioning elevator, a mechanic ramp and a helipad, to name a few! The Turbo comes with a car and a helicopter, but would easily accommodate the hundreds of matchbox style cars that you’ve no doubt accrued if you happen to have a vehicle obsessed child.

Most of our testing team duties have involved furniture, so it’s been particularly nice to try out a toy, especially now that Rufus is so much more interested in actually playing (rather than destroying), although he did really put the Turbo’s strength and stability through its paces as he attempted (several times) to sit or stand on it (do not try this at home).

All in all, another great product from GLTC (would you really expect anything less?). Plenty of potential for imaginative play, from an attractive, yet incredibly robust toy.

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