Two’s Company

I have a “Daisy & Ralph” album on my phone. I haven’t looked at it for the longest time, but this morning, I found myself getting lost in memories.┬áThese guys have always been the best of friends. Always holding hands, laughing together, having each other’s backs. And for such a long time, my focus was so caught up in my desperation to give them another sibling, that their bond often went unnoticed. But I’m so glad, now, that they had each other at a time when I wasn’t as present as I should have been.

The dynamics have changed a bit recently. Daisy has left Ralph behind somewhat, as she’s begun to forge a new little life for herself at school. And her affections have been a tad diluted as she diverts them (constantly) towards her new brother. Equally, Ralph has his own life now too. New friends (and a regular stream of party invites to prove it) and his own developing and emerging relationship with his younger sibling. But despite this; despite the changes and their little paths beginning to fork, they are still best mates.

Despite the bickering and the tears and the (often) full-blown fisticuffs; they still seek each other out to talk about their days. They save little treats for one another when they’re apart. They shut themselves away in cupboards, giggling and telling secrets. They whisper into the darkness, in the night, just to make sure the other is still there.

I hope they always have this bond. I hope they remain this close forever. And I really hope that they’ll find the space to let their baby brother into the fold too.

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